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Expanding God's wardrobe

Welcome to DCM!


You must be over the age of 15 to apply to this group!

This group is to bring all Panty and Stocking characters together in a fun little community to have fun and to bring more life into your character.

As plots go on, your character will gain Rep. throughout Daten city by doing Tasks for Heaven or Hell.
The more Task you do the more "Heavens" or "Havocs" you gain.

Our group members are mostly based within North America and we post our RPs in Eastern Standard Time (EST), so please keep this in mind. We do work with international members however and everyone is open to join.



Chatrooms not open to the public at the moment
:bulletwhite: Out of Character: OOC Chatroom
:bulletblue: Angel Chatroom: Strappon's Abbey
:bulletred: Demon Chatroom: Hellcorp Central HQ

Blogs outside of devinatART that DCM Members use
:bulletwhite:DCM Tumblr Tag
:bulletred:RP Logs
:bulletwhite:DCM Forum Board
Thanks to everyone who entered our contest!! We hope to have more fun ones like this in the future!


First Place

DCM Ghost: Spider Lily by mahoushoujokuma
Spider Lily!

Second Place

Doodler by CrackEmWalnuts

Third Place

This one was a tie!
DCM - EmojiNi by Kotorikei DCM: Saint Ripolas by RoamingPandas
Emoji-ni and Saint Ripolas!

The mods will contact you soon about your prizes!

Make sure you guys don't delete your ghosts, even if you didn't win a place. We may dip into the pool eventually if we run outta ghosts again!

Hello, everyone! Due to a lack of ghosts, we've decided to hold a contest to create them!!


1. DO NOT USE THE GHOST APPLICATION. Only the First Place winner will be used! (However, we may dip into the pool again if we find ourselves low on ghosts)
2. All ghosts must follow the criteria below in their descriptions, written or otherwise!
3. All entires must be submitted to the EVENTS folder!
4. All entries must be submitted by March 31st!
5. Problematic content is not allowed! (i.e. sexual abuse, abuse, etc) If you have questions about what is considered to be triggering, please ask a mod first!!
6. Try to balance your ghost out with weaknesses!


Written Ghost Form

[Ghost Name:] This section is just the ghost's name!
[Physical Description:] Try to be as detailed as possible! If you have reference images, please link them. If your ghost is a DRAWN image, don't worry about describing their appearance. IF YOUR GHOST IS A PARODY, please link to the character/object/whatevs and describe the changes in appearance!
[Weapon:]This is what they use to attack. It can be an object, melee, etc. There can be multiple.
[Abilities:] Describe what the ghost does! What is the purpose of the ghost? Example: Pyromania shoots fire, combusts things.
[Weaknesses:] Describe what the ghost is weak to or what might aid Angels/Heavenbents/Thrones in defeating your ghost!

[Info:] What made your ghost? How did they die? Give a brief description as to what happened to this poor former person and why they have unfinished business.

Drawn ghosts follow the same criteria. Do not put it on our app!
Here is the Ghost Palette! You're allowed to deviate from this as well, so don't worry too much. You may also use colors on clothing.


First Place

-PSG styled full render with simple bg (by Kr-o)
-PSG Scene (by BritishMindslave)
-PSG Colored Full-body (by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS)
-HitaKai's style art, colored and shaded, full-body
-200 rep points
-20 Heavens + Havocs
-The Ghost will be used in a Roleplay with an event and everything!

Second Place

-PSG styled colored sketch (by Kr-o)
-PSG Full-body image (by BritishMindslave)
-Sketchy lineart (by Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS)
-PSG style full-body by HitaKai
-150 rep points
-15 Heavens + Havocs
-The Ghost will be used in an RP!

Third Place

-PSG styled b/w sketch (by Kr-o)
-PSG-style sketch (by BritishMindslave)
-Sketch in PSG or personal style by HitaKai
-100 rep points
-10 Heavens + Havocs

All entries will receive 15 Rep Points and 3 Heavens + Havocs!
(All entries will receive art from SuperSaiyan5100**)
(**Pls don't actually expect that, he's not an artist. He writes damn u)


Let us know if you need help with anything or if anything is unclear!

The Due Date is MARCH 31st!

Please submit all entries to the EVENTS Folder!

More Journal Entries

Mod Q+A on Discord! Ask us questions about lore, group stuff, and whatever! What time would you guys be available? 

8 deviants said Saturday April 1: Afternoon
4 deviants said Wednesday March 29: After 4 pm EST
2 deviants said Friday March 31: After 4 pm EST
1 deviant said Thursday March 30: After 4 pm EST
1 deviant said Sunday April 2: Afternoon
1 deviant said Monday April 3: After 4 pm EST




Big buncha nerds who are trying to entertain the lot of you.
We love you.

The Asshole "In Charge"


Butt Brigade




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MaddiBlaze Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Got it
MaddiBlaze Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ya can I join
BritishMindslave Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist…
Along with that, please read through our Links of Interest/Rules/FAQ if you'd like to join. We're an RP group, not just an art collection. :0
Cr1t1calHershey Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
May I still join? Or is this group dead?
Kr-o Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
The group is still active, so no we're not dead! We just have little activity during school semesters is all. But you're more than welcomed to join!!
Cr1t1calHershey Featured By Owner Edited Feb 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cr1t1calHershey Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!! I've read as much as I can, is there a sign up sheet, or do I just draw my character??
Kr-o Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
If you go into our resource folder, you'll find our applications! Once you're done setting up the app, send us a join request with a link to your character!
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BlakeandAlex12 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
How many OCs can I put for an application?
Kr-o Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
1 character per application. If that's what you're referring to. Unless you mean like a character limit, which we do not have. However we always recommend applying with two character applications (1 demon/demon aligned and 1 angel/angel aligned) so you can participate in more rps.
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